08 Aug

If you have come in search of the perfect sound, you have come to the right place.

I love music. You undoubtedly love music. Millions of people around the world love music. But how many people love that perfect sound? You know, the sound you hear when you are listening to your favorite song on your favorite MP3 player, set to your favorite Equilizer setting, pumped through your favorite headphones. (It almost makes me want to cry, just thinking of it)

Wait, you don’t know what I am talking about? You have never experienced this? What?!

Yeah, me neither. Not yet at least. That is the purpose of this website. To find that perfect sound. Who knows, maybe along the way you will find it as well.

I can’t promise much at first in the way of regularity, as I am just a college kid, trying to work my way through college without all the debt. So things might be a little slow until I get some more money.

But I can guarentee you that you will come here looking for information about a specific device or headphones, and, assuming I have reviewed that specific device or pair of headphones, you will find what you came looking for – The Perfect Sound.

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