MEElectronics M6 Review

18 Sep

I got these because when I went jogging, my earbuds would fall out of my ears. Very annoying. I had high hopes for a pair of headphones that come from a company that claims “Ultimate Sound in Style” What I found was that the M6 were an adequate pair of headphones.


The Sound:

Like I said before, I had high hopes for these headphones. And actually, I found that they sounded pretty good without customizing the EQ. Probably one of the better sounding headphones when using a standard EQ setting. You would think that something that sounded pretty good would sound great with a little tweaking of the EQ settings. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Customizing the EQ only made them sound a little better, if better at all.

Now, about the actual sound. I thought that the bass was lacking, especially when compared to the Altec Lansing Backbeat Plus. Whenever I switched from the M6 to the Backbeat Plus, I got that nice boom from the Altec Lansing that I had been missing from the M6s. The mids and highs were OK. They could sometimes sound a little flat, and other times sound pretty good. I think that it depended on what music I listened to. Maybe not just type of music, but just different albums would sound different. I know that that sounds obvious, but I would say that these headphones emphasize the sound difference between different albums.

The Design:

The M6 headphones are a pair of in-ear buds that is designed so the cable runs behind the ear, thus reducing the possibility of the earbuds being pulled out of your ears. Fortunately, (for me) they do just that. I can be jogging and the headphones will stay exactly where I placed them in my ears. They won’t even adjust position in my ears.


The aesthetic design of these headphones is good. Just a plain, glossy black. You can order these headphones with a clear body, but that is not my style.

These headphones come with a large variety of ear tips. It comes with a pair each of three flange small tips, three flange large tips, two flange large tips, and small, medium, and large single flange tips. I am actually not sure if the single flange tips are different sizes, as if there is a difference, it is a small one. That is a lot of tips, and I commend MEElectronics for covering their bases by including all of them.


Another interesting and useful feature of the M6 headphones is that for the first two inches of the cable from the earbuds is wrapped with memory wire. This allows you to custom fit the cable around your ears.

Speaking of the cable, this one is an OK cable. I don’t have to mention how much I love cloth covered cable, and unfortunately, these headphones are a simple plastic. Oh, well, it is OK. It doesn’t seem to tangle that much. That could be partly due to the fact that it comes with a small case to store them in. So when I am done, I just wind the cable around four of my fingers, put them in the case, and zip it up. The case also stores the extra ear tips, in case I want to swap them out.



These are a good pair of headphones for the money (around $20), though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them.


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