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Altec Lansing Backbeat Plus Review

Updated: 8-23-11

The Altec Lansing Backbeat Plus come in for a close second first in my list. They are now my primary pair of headphones currently my secondary pair of headphones.


The Sound:

Just last night I realized how great these headphones were. I was messing with the EQ on my Sansa Clip+ and suddenly I found a place where these headphones just clicked. Now that this has happened, I can better describe them.

These headphones have a great sound. Period. They have excellent bass, but is extremely well balanced by the highs. The midrange is not left out, and helps to improve the overall quality of the sound. Whereas my previous primary headphones, the Skullcandy ink’d, I thought had a clear sound, it really just had a flat sound. The Altec Lansings have a better range than the Skullcandys, and they just make them sound terrible.

These headphones have a good sound; not that bad, but not that great. They have a pretty good bass response, but the overall sound is a little muted. I think that the high tones are not prominent enough, so all you get is a lot of bass, which gives a lopsided sound to these headphones.

The Design:

The overall design of the Backbeat Plus is OK. Though if you think about it, since in-earbuds are small headphones that fit mostly inside your ear – they don’t need to look that great, as there is not much there to look at. (When was the last time you heard someone rave about the aesthetic design of in-earbuds.) They do have a nice bronze stripe on each ear to break up the plain black color, and they have clear(ish) silicone ear tips.

My favorite “feature” of these headphones is the fabric covered cable. I think that all headphone cables should be made out of fabric. Not only does the fabric feel great to the touch, but it almost never tangles.


These in-earbuds, like most, come with three different size ear tips, for different sized ears. As with most in-earbuds I have tried, the medium size is what works best for my ears. It turns out that the small size tips actually allow these headphones to stay in my ear, however, they don’t provide as good a seal as the medium.


Now for the second reason that they are not my primary pair of headphones. The design somehow allows for these headphones to slowly come out of my ears, until they drop out completely. Comically, smiling speeds up the process of falling out of my ears. The only time I use them are when I am in bed, trying to fall asleep. The reason I use these ones, instead of my primary pair, is because when I am lying on my side, with the side of my head pressing into my pillow, 1) the pressure does not cause any pain, and 2) with the pressure, I can still hear the music perfectly. With my current primary pair, the Skullcandy ink’d, any pressure somehow cancels the noise, so you now can’t hear any music out of that earbud.

Another Feature these headphones sport is an inline microphone. However, this only works with a smartphone, and since I don’t have one, I haven’t tested this feature.


If you can get these headphones to stay in your ears, and can ignore the muted sound because of the good bass, or you need unobtrusive headphones for when you go to bed (yeah, you know who you are), then go ahead and try these headphones. These headphones are a great pair of in-earbuds, and the win the title of my Current Primary Headphones. I received mine as a gift, but they can be easily obtained for around twenty bucks ($20).

Click here to go to the manufacturer’s website.

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