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Skullcandy Double Agent Review

Well, I thought that I was going to be done reviewing Skullcandy headphones, as there is a general consensus that Skullcandy headphones are not good headphones. However, in the absence of any other headphones to review, I decided to review my brother’s pair of Double Agents. On first impression, I wasn’t impressed. But then again, I wasn’t expecting to be impressed.

The Sound:

As with the rest of  these headphones so far, I was not impressed with the sound. At their best, they sound OK. I had to spend about fifteen minutes adjusting the EQ settings on my Sansa Clip+ before I could even stand listening to it for an extended period of time. These headphones are better at playing the lows then they are at the highs. No matter what I did with the EQ, I could not get them to sound good with these headphones.

Another factor I had to deal with is the fact that these headphones were going to sound different than in-earbuds would. For years, I have been using in-earbuds, but it was definitely a different sound type coming out of over-the-ear headphones as compared to the sound of in-earbuds. I gave these headphones a fair chance, and I would like to try some more over-the-ear headphones in the future.

The Design:

First off, I have to say it. What in the world were they thinking when they made these headphones this ugly green? I don’t know who would buy a pair of headphones that were this color. In fact, it makes me wonder, why did my brother buy these headphones. I know that he doesn’t like them. He only wore them for a couple weeks and never used them again. The last thing I will say about the color is that I would be embarrassed to where these in public. I don’t think that they would even useful as a fashion statement. The Double Agent headphones come in many different color combinations, but none of them are anything I would be caught dead wearing.


All right, ‘nuff said. Moving on, lets talk about the usability of these headphones. One of the concerns that I have with over-the-ear headphones is how comfortable the top band is. On these headphones, the top band was pretty good. It was OK comfort wise, but it is definitely not the most comfortable headphones in that respect.


The second concern I have with over-the-ear headphones is the comfort of the earpieces. I am going to say that these earpieces are downright uncomfortable. As you can see, the earpieces are some sort of rectangle shape with rounded corners. This means that the earpiece doesn’t fit comfortably on your ears. And after a short time of use, my ears started to hurt underneath the earpieces. In my opinion, it is unacceptable for a pair of headphones to hurt my ears. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but that is the problem I have with them.

There is one design feature the Double Agent has that I like. It has a cloth headphone cable. I have a lot of trouble with non-cloth cables getting tangled extremely easily. However, with a cloth cable, for some reason, they are much easier to untie or untangle than the normal rubbery, plasticy stuff standard cables are covered with.


Special Features:

The Double Agent, in order to live up to its name, I guess, has a second way to listen to music. A SD (Secure Digital) card slot is built in to one of the earpieces, and on that same earpiece, there are several control buttons. This allows you to load your music on a SD card (They come with a 1GB SD card) so you can listen to your music without having to deal with a headphone cord.


While this is a neat feature, I personally prefer to have something I can see, in order to choose my music. I am not one to just shuffle all my music. That is mostly due to the fact that I listen to several different genres of music, which don’t mix well, such as classical and pop. So, I guess that it would work well for people who do that often, or people who are already used to using an MP3 player such  as the iPod Shuffle. However, I am not one of those people, so this feature is definitely not something I would pay extra for.

My Conclusion:

Here is how I would summarize my take on the Skullcandy Double Agent: They are ugly, they sound bad, and they are downright uncomfortable. I can say without reservation, because I don’t think that even the cloth cable could save this, that I would NOT recommend anyone to purchase these headphones. I almost don’t even feel like giving the link to the manufacturers website, but a policy is a policy, and since I made it, I suppose I have to abide by it.

These headphones can be found on the manufacturers website here. (Please don’t buy them, I can almost guarantee that you will hate them)


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