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JVC Air Cushion Review

JVC Air Cushion Review

It was suggested that I review these headphones, so, here is the review. At first I was a little skeptical, as I had been disappointed in JVC before, but after the first time I heard these, I was surprised. But after prolonged listening, a bomb dropped.


The Sound:

First off, I was blown away by the bass on these headphones. I think that kind of distracted me from the lack of powerful enough midrange. So, after adjusting the EQ my Rockboxed Clip+, I finally got it to where these headphones sounded the best. So I used them like this for a couple days. It didn’t take long though for the bomb to drop. After a short amount of time using them, my ears would start to hurt. Now I am talking about sound here, so it was my inner ear that hurt. The problem was the piercing highs. I kept trying to adjust the EQ, but I could never get them to lose that piercing quality.

So in conclusion, the bass was awesome, the midrange was very poor, and the highs were too shrill.

The Design:


The design of these headphones is very unique. It has an actual “air cushion” on the opposite side of the headphones as the earpiece. This air cushion is basically a hollowed out piece of silicone, that adds some cushion to the headphones. I found that the air cushion also helped to hold the headphones in my ears. The one problem with the air cushion is that it collects dust and earwax, which is kind of gross.


The headphones also had a nice low profile. And what I mean by low profile is you could have something pressing on the headphones from the outside, such as a hat, helmet strap, pillow, and there would be no adverse affect on comfort and sound. I especially look for this in all in-earbuds.


The cable is a standard plastic or silicone covered cable, which is highly conducive to tangling. I prefer a cloth covered cable, which is much easier to handle. I did appreciate that it was a solid cable up until it splits for the earbuds. I also like that it came with a cable clip to clip onto clothing.


These headphones come with three different size silicone ear tips, and as a bonus, they come with a pair of memory foam ear tips.


My Conclusion:

All in all, they are a pretty good pair of headphones. I know that everybody’s ears are different so these may work fine for someone, but not for me. Also, I tried to not let this factor influence my review, but the pair I purchased (for around $17), had a defect; the right ear was quieter than the left ear, and changing the balance on my MP3 player didn’t help much.

These headphones can be found at the manufacturers website here.


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