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Skullcandy ink’d (mic’d) Review

These headphones good headphones, but they are not that great. I know that sounds like an oxy moron, but it’s true. They fit nicely in my ears, have a OK sound, and look nice as well.


The Sound:

The sound quality of these headphones impressed me from the minute I got them. The bass was noticeably there. Almost all of the headphones I had before (such as the JVC Gumy earbuds, the Sony Mdr-E10Lp earbuds, etc.) were always lacking in bass. Not so with this pair. But then, I got the Altec Lansing Backbeat Plus which I believe sound much better and are now my favorite in-ear headphones.

The range of sound also impressed me. While I know they aren’t the best headphones of its style, I liked the range of sound that these headphones pumped out. I have heard dull or muted headphones in the past, but these ones had a crisp, clear sound. But like I said before, I like the sound of the Altec Lansings better. They have more bass, and sound even clearer.

The Design:

The design of the ink’d headphones was average. I loved the way they fit in my ear. However, the design led to not being very secure in my ear. Every little tug or bounce of the dangling cord would pull them out of my ears. The first tug would unseal my ear canal, allowing a ton of external sound to enter my ears, and after a while, they would eventually fall out of my ears.

The actual look of the headphones was good enough. Not that I hold much stock in looks; mainly just the sound. I thought that the plastic microphone part was larger than it should be, and contributes to the weight of the cord. The cord is long enough, at 1.3 meters, but it is not the braided nylon as advertised that helps prevent tangling.


Also, these headphones come with three different sizes of silicone earpads; small, medium, and Large. For my ear size, the medium work the best.


I haven’t been able to test out the microphone, as I don’t have a smartphone, but I assume that it would work fine.


The ink’d headphones are a nice pair of headphones, with an OK sound, for the price, (around $15 is what I got mine for).

Click here to go to the manufacturer’s website.

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